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Mojopad is an all-in-one Internet service company offering a premium line of: web design, graphic design, web programing, site translations, hosting, and content-management hosting.

Do you have a logo? We will take your logo and design a professional web site to suit your company’s, or organization’s, needs and the message you want to present to your customers and/or site visitors.

Do you already have a good idea what you want, a graphical layout? No, problem, we’ll take what you have and build it into a state-of-the-art web site. 

Do you already have a complete web site and would like us to set it all up on a Mojopad hosting account, including email set-up and many other services? Mojopad provides quality managed hosting, 99.8% uptime – guaranteed, including Cpanel: the best control-panel in the business.

Would you like to have a site – and be in complete control of its content? Maybe a CMS solution is the right answer for you. Not sure! We’d be happy to assist you in making the right choice for your web presence.

Are you a global player, or just want to expand your market? Mojopad has translated sites to many languages. Need a quote – just ask.